What is the minimum capital required for selling options?

The minimum capital required is just near Rs 25,000. Recommended capital by us would be above Rs 50,000.

What is the expected returns?

We target a modest and conservative return of 4-8% every month. This may increase with your risk appetite.

Will I get recorded videos of the classes?

Currently, all the sessions are held live. Saturday and Sunday sessions will not be recorded. Weekday sessions of live trades will be recorded and shared to you.

What contracts do we trade in on breakout?

On breakout, we enter the Index(Nifty and Bank Nifty) options contracts every week for the immediate expiry.

How safe is option selling?

We aim to enter safe and conservative trades every week.

When do I start making profits?

Every student of breakout has successfully exited every trade with profit. Profits are realised every week on expiry day.