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Option Selling by Sharique Samsudheen (English)

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Welcome to the breakout option selling course with Sharique Samsudheen. Come learn with me, and get to know how I make a conservative 4-6% return of my capital every month through Option Selling. If I can do it, then so can you. Get to learn by interaction, fun activities, and taking trades in the market.


Get into an option seller’s mindset, and learn how to set conservative targets to grow your wealth. Learn basics about options and rewrite your knowledge of derivatives. Learn our Options Strategy and how to enter trades with confidence on Sunday. Learn how to maintain a proper risk to reward ratio, and cut losses to the minimum. Enter trades with me on Tuesday, and exit the same with me on Thursday!


  • Live Classes 
  • Doubt Clearance on Live Sessions
  • Live Trading for 1-week
  • Community Trading for 1-Year
  • How to minimize Capital Required
  • How to minimize Risk in Option Selling
  • Risk to Reward in Trades
  • Conservative Mindset with Long Term Goals
  • Realizing P&L every week

Course Structure

  • Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM – Class on Options Basics, Simplifying Options for Everyone
  • Sunday 10 AM to 2 PM – Training on Building Practical Option Strategies, Minimising Risk and Winning in Long Term
  • Tuesday – Entering a trade, Live session on trade analysis
  • Thursday – Exiting the trade and Batch Farewell

*All times are in IST

How Does This Work?

  • Register and book your slot, soon you will receive a payment confirmation email and communication through WhatsApp.
  • Make sure you have F&O Enabled with your broker.
  • Prior to the day of class, you will receive another email confirming your enrollment in the class.
  • Links for Zoom meetings, Community, and materials will be shared prior to the session through WhatsApp.

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1st May

14 reviews for Option Selling by Sharique Samsudheen (English)

  1. Ron George

    Absolutely amazing sessions. Loved the way Sharique has put the seed of thought process. Only a matter of time it grows and become fruitful if the soil is worth. The session was worth every penny. You have to be absolutely disciplined to consistently implement the strategy and make profits. A lesson for life as well. I am only typing this after I made profits. Thanks fundfolio for a wonderful time


    Really enjoyed the program!!!!

  3. Mirsab Mohammed

    Absolutely worth it!! Can understand and experience the basics, logics and setups for option selling. Its a whole different space in the market and safe and consistent way of engaging in financial markets.

  4. Abraham Jacob Andoor

    A truly amazing workshop that teaches you how to generate safe & consistent returns from the stock market.

  5. Benson Idicula Mathai

    It was more easy to make profit with the strategy in a less time period.
    If we have an option as OPTIONS why we are running behind risky trades.

  6. Anandha Dharanipathi

    The sessions were very informative. It was straight to the point, no-nonsense terminologies, no intimidating/scary chart patterns and made crisp covering the essential aspects which are required for option selling. Thanks to the entire breakout team who organized the session, answering all our questions both in discord and the live sessions.
    I am an investor following fundamentals and just required that positive reinforcement to venture into options selling & you made it possible Sharique. Thank you for teaching the lifetime strategy. Keep the momentum going!

  7. Pradeesh K g

    Absolutely loved the methodology… Stress free.. Easy learning.. Straight to the heart… Safe trading ideas
    .. Focussing more to avoid losses.. And a good tip from Mr.Athisaktham… Discipline is the key…
    I would like to let you those who haven’t taken part in this great session to be part of it to Learn the skill for a life time. I will guarantee that you won’t come empty handed…
    Thank you SS for making Option Selling cake walk…

  8. abinpyantony

    great section achieve a great skill in option trading perfect strategy, enjoyed the section
    Thank you

  9. Sandeep Kumar

    The workshop was really amazing, an eye opening session about option selling. More than a new tool, I feel that, my perspective about option selling has changed entirely. Now I feel more confident while trading in options. Thanks again to Mr. Sharique and the entire Breakout team for the revolutionary Option Selling session.

  10. Jayakrishnan Salim

    The sessions were amazing. The way Sharique presented was too good. Never felt bored at any point in time. And the lessons learned are worth enough to build a lot of money in the future. Thank you Sharique for your efforts to democratize the stock market. #Adhishaktham

  11. Vikas PK

    Very loving and friendly our AAshan is helping us ,it is really amazing the world of options I never thought of entering but now am very much confident with our Athishaktham family all can win and enjoy the world of happiness with financial freedom …keep rocking ….B10 Vikas PK from calicut ,kerala

  12. Rithu K R

    Entered the session as a new one to options but exited the session as a pro option seller

  13. Aromal P Nair

    Literally an EYE-OPENING experience which teaches you to trade from the HEART. Much more value than any other trading course available. Covering everything from how, when & why to place a trade and how, when and why to exit the trade. Sharique doesn’t teach you some new ground breaking strategy that you haven’t heard about but teaches you exactly how to succeed even with a simple strategy and that too without any strange mathematics, rather by listening to your heart and some logic (Position sizing and cutting your losses). And the best part is the continued support for one long year. Mr.Athishaktham and his team doesn’t let any leaves be unturned and make sure you succeed in making consistent profits. Kudos to the effort by the entire Breakout team. Looking forward to learning more with the Breakout Army community #Athishaktham

  14. Abbin Thomas Ukken

    Myself Abbin. I used to believe that stock market is a highly risky area and was keeping away myself from it. But after attending this course (Breakout batch 10), I’ve realised that all my assumption were wrong. With the option selling strategy taught in this course along with discipline, I understood that there are opportunities to make consistent returns for our capital with more safety. Moreover I got an opportunity to join the #athishaktham community, which is always energetic and motivating.
    I’ll strongly recommend this course to my friends also.

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