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Option Selling by Sharique Samsudheen (Malayalam)

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Welcome to the breakout option selling course with Sharique Samsudheen. Come learn with me, and get to know how I make a conservative 4-6% return of my capital every month through Option Selling. If I can do it, then so can you. Get to learn by interaction, fun activities, and taking trades in the market.


Get into an option seller’s mindset, and learn how to set conservative targets to grow your wealth. Learn basics about options and rewrite your knowledge of derivatives. Learn our Options Strategy and how to enter trades with confidence on Sunday. Learn how to maintain a proper risk to reward ratio, and cut losses to the minimum. Enter trades with me on Tuesday, and exit the same with me on Thursday!


  • Live Classes 
  • Doubt Clearance on Live Sessions
  • Live Trading for 1-week
  • Community Trading for 1-Year
  • How to minimize Capital Required
  • How to minimize Risk in Option Selling
  • Risk to Reward in Trades
  • Conservative Mindset with Long Term Goals
  • Realizing P&L every week

Course Structure

  • Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM – Class on Options Basics, Simplifying Options for Everyone
  • Sunday 10 AM to 2 PM – Training on Building Practical Option Strategies, Minimising Risk and Winning in Long Term
  • Tuesday – Entering a trade, Live session on trade analysis
  • Thursday – Exiting the trade and Batch Farewell

*All times are in IST

How Does This Work?

  • Register and book your slot, soon you will receive a payment confirmation email and communication through WhatsApp.
  • Make sure you have F&O Enabled with your broker.
  • Prior to the day of class, you will receive another email confirming your enrollment in the class.
  • Links for Zoom meetings, Community, and materials will be shared prior to the session through WhatsApp.

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20th March, 6th February, 6th March

44 reviews for Option Selling by Sharique Samsudheen (Malayalam)

  1. Mohammed hassan

    Wonderful session from heart to heart…learnt a lifetime skill..thanking u from the bottom of my heart…A big salute to me athishaktham

  2. Sony

    More than worth with the fee you pay. Go for it

  3. Mohammed hassan

    Wonderful session from heart to heart…learnt a lifetime skill..thanking u from the bottom of my heart…A big salute to mr athishaktham

  4. Rahul S

    Sharique is a powerful motivator… This workshop was worth every penny. I’ve been a avid follower of his for a couple of years now on YouTube. Deciding to join the breakout was the best decision of my life because I’ve learnt to invest in myself first. I came hungry, instead of giving me a fish, Sharique Shamsudheen taught me how to fish. 🔥Athishaktham

  5. Ajay Joseph

    Thanks a lot for firing up the trader in me through your videos, and especially teaching me the Option selling strategy.

  6. Jobin Chowattukunnel

    Highly recommended for all those who would like to make safe, conservative and consistent profits/income from stock market.

  7. Fathima Ayoob

    Valuable 4 days. New to option trade. But learnt a lot about the techniques and skills involved in it. Happily had a farewell with safisfied profits. Athishaktham.

  8. Abja Manoj

    Attended 7th batch break out session. Was a fruitful and lively session. Thanks for decoding the complexities of option trading.

  9. Pramodh Haridas

    “Money Can’t buy happiness, but majority of the times the thing which makes us unhappy is lack of money”- Sharique

    The Session taught students a lifetime skill so that anyone can win in Stock market and live their life with full potential by achieving financial freedom.

  10. Jean Felton

    Our Ashaan has done a remarkable job by putting all the basic to advanced information we needed to know about trading as a youtube playlist which most of the people sell as paid courses. The breakout session will first make people understand the concept in a simplified way and later will guide and show the safest approach to enter in options trading.

    It’s a great initiative that teaches an “option” which can make people financially independent and I wish Sharique and his team all the best.


  11. Moidu. Ottapalam

    അതി ശക്തം…
    Strategy is very nice..

  12. kaneesh kumar t j

    Thank you Team Athishaktham to let us Learn to earn from market.

  13. Sanil Kumar

    One of the best place to learn about option selling.i loved it.learned a new skill.i appreciate the brilliance of sharique in the way of explaining things.a must attend session.thank u sharique


    No words!!
    Amazing class, achieved skill that could make you a billionaire, thankyou SS, thankyou fundfolio and for teaching me the skill, let’s spread out fundfolio to the global level
    #Silent revolution

  15. RAGHU E K

    This is very valuable class…to achieve life time skill for options trading..a wonderful journey


    No words!!
    Amazing class, achieved skill that could make you a billionaire, thankyou SS, thankyou fundfolio and team for teaching me the skill, let’s spread out fundfolio to the global level
    #Silent revolution

  17. Muhammad Zakkariya

    The workshop was awesome
    Strategy of mr Shariq shamsuddin is great and simple to understand even for a non experienced trader
    Thanks for the workshop Mr A

  18. Sajeev

    Life changing session. Thank you Athishaktham! Learnt a lot in such a small time.

  19. Prashob Bose

    This was the excellent session for option traders .Sharique’s teaching skill is excellent.

  20. Raulsadasiv

    I came hungry, and instead of giving me a fish Sharique Samsudheen taught me how to fish. Now I’ll eat for a lifetime. Breakout was the best decision I took. Selling options is not just for the big boy’s. Here you learn to trade with a small capital to get maximum return.
    Athishaktam 🔥

  21. Biju Chacko

    One of the best investment I have done recently. Worth every penny I have paid for this course. In the market as a casual trader since 2007 but this is first time spent some time to learn the basics!!! Kudos to Shareeque and Athishaktham Family.

    Biju Chacko

  22. Adithya Pai

    A well curated masterclass encorporated in a capsule. Options made easy…..Athishaktam….

  23. Kamal Kaladharan

    I have been in the Market for More than a year by now, with a little knowledge about the Futures and Options Market. The Majority out there will tell you that it’s risky to trade with Options as it requires huge capital coupled with the potential for heavy losses, but the Breakout Training by #Mr. Athishaktham proved that the Majority were wrong.
    Its been a Lifetime Learning Experience worth Every penny I spent, I’m glad that I learned a valuable – lifelong skill at this age which gave me the confidence to grow my wealth Safely and Consistently from the Market without worrying about the ups and downs of the Market or digging deep to catch the Rally on Market which we often miss.
    Thanking Mr. Sharique Samsudheen and the Entire Fundfolio team for Opening the Doors to a world of Immense Opportunities.

  24. vineeth.aranghat

    Dear Ashan, Thank You very much for teaching stock market through your youtube channel like steam cake and Black Pea curry (Puttum Kadalayum) and the option selling strategy is the extra pappad which we may get as bonus in some restaurants, Thank you very much for the athishaktham life time skill..Making consistently 2 to 3 % every week after the course from option selling alone..Writing this after 4 weeks to ensure I make money consistently..Once again Thank You

  25. Rajesh R

    Great Session . It has been great journey being part of Batch 9 and really enjoyed 2days of training and there after trading live in market in option . Being into equity market for many years , never looked into Derivative market because of fear. SS (Mr.Athishaktham) really made easy for me to enter into derivative world , more precisely option selling. Great work shop presented with simple ideas but powerful. Really will help to win market steadily for long run . Thank you for athishaktham strategy . Great support from entire fundfolio team as well. Wish SS and team a great success for the effort they are putting democratize stock market. Wish we all together will grow as big community.

  26. Nithin Sajjad

    This course beat all my expectations overall the moral support provided by Mr Shariq (Ashan) and his team was something else completely.
    beginner-friendly, guaranteed returns if you follow discipline and this course is hands down all you need to sustain in the market.

  27. emmanuel0727

    No words to say. powli aanu. Hats off to you man for taking this initiative and sharing your knowledge. if i write review, am afraid, it wouldn’t fill in here due to word limitations for review.. so much positiveness, so much energy. attending your class is a seperate kick. adipoli. you the man. you the hero.

  28. Mahzood Abdul Samad



    Silent revaluation # valuable and Life long skill #athishaktham#


    Great way of Presentation by Sharique , Mr. AthiShaktham. He makes it so easy to understand , even for beginners. Not stopping only with imparting knowledge , the hand holding and guidance through live trading is something greatly appreciated. Way to Go , Mr. Athishaktham and the whole team.

  31. Ambareesh Shajan

    Wonderful and well organized session,Everything was brilliantly packed as a simple capsule.The team behind this venture had done a great job in organizing,selecting the topics,chat support etc..Any ways all together nice experience.


    Interactive class for Life long skill without any tension and risk…. Enjoyed and learned so much from the class.. thank you Team Fund folio….

  33. Rajesh Nair

    Life changing skill learned…value for money.. breakout is simple..but very Powerful. #Athishaktham#…

  34. nesheem perumkalam

    it’s an amazing workshop i ever seen, mr.athishaktam is very friendly man also he is such a genius, keep going

  35. anishtharakan

    First and foremost, thanks a ton for this revolution – dearest Sharique and to your entire team.
    The workshop is all about learning a lifeskill. It is an education that we will never get from a typical training environment. I would attribute it to the philosophy that Sharique and his fully charged team brings to the table – a movement to help get everyone to financial discipline and independence.
    If anyone thinks that this course is a magic pill to become a millionaire overnight or in short term, please get your priorities right.
    This is all about learning a skill that needs you to be
    1. open to learning,
    2. work with a lot of discipline, and above all,
    3. understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.

    The support that is provided even post training is great and well thought through.
    If you are open to learning and happy to take up the challenge of bringing discipline to your life, don’t hesitate…walk right into and be part of this revolution.

    #Athishaktham with Mr Athishakthan 🙂

  36. Suresh Kumar

    Option Selling made so easy. The course is value for money and learned an excellent strategy for a constant income for life (It is small but sure). The professionalism of the team members were excellent.

  37. Ananthakrishnan Harikumar

    10/10 ..hats of to sharique for conducting this amazing session. A life time knowledge in a short period of time. Thank you so much 💞

  38. Akhil B George

    Very Happy to be part of the silent revolution led my Mr Athisaktham. Safe conservative profits every week. Worth the cost, coz it’s a lifetime skill.

  39. Ajithkumar S A

    Anyone who has the basic knowledge of the share market can achieve consistent profit throughout his lifespan without much effort or tension using this Athishaktham option selling strategy. Mr. Athishaktham is making some beautiful changes to a lot of ordinary people. The man with positive thoughts! The silent revolution! Achieve your dreams! Keep going fundfolio.

  40. Suresh Kumar

    Option Selling made so easy. The course is value for money and learned an excellent strategy for a constant income for life (It is small but sure).

  41. SUMITH P B

    Simlpy awesome.changed my view on option selling….

  42. Jobin Parakkal

    Awesome session that opens up your mind and soul. Greatest secrets reveled during the session which would be game changer for every layman. I would recommend every one possible to join this course provided by Mr. Athishaktham. I myself made good profit in the first 2 weeks and believe that I can continue for a very long time. God bless……..

  43. Raoof A H

    Great learning opportunities. #Athishaktham

  44. girish

    A great workshop where knowledge transferred from heart to heart

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